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London Top Attractions

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London Top Attractions

London, a city with an attractive historical appeal, iconic landmarks in London, cultural diversity, and unique modern flair, is an ideal travel destination for frequent travellers.

To enter the city where history echoes through alleys paved with cobblestones and the vivid surroundings gives a thrill to your adventurous self, securing your tickets for London attractions surely opens the door to a plethora of experiences.

London Attractions

Europe’s tallest Observation Wheel on the Thames, The London Eye, allows for unparalleled views of all parts of the city sky. Its unique rotation, contemporary style and central location make it a regular tourist attraction.
The Tower of London: a historic fortress along the Thames, a witness to centuries of British history, from royal residences to the Crown Jewels. Join us on a journey through its rich legacy.
Tower Bridge attracts tourists with its grand architecture and beautiful view over the Thames River. With its drawbridges and glass-floored walkways, it impulses every visitor’s camera to take a perfect snapshot.
Buckingham Palace is one of the top attractions in London for tourists and an emblem of royal grandeur owing to its original significance where the monarch lives. The magnificent architecture provides a taste of royalty to visitors.
The Madame Tussauds Museum in London houses celebrities’ life-size wax figures. With precise workmanship and interactive displays, it provides an amusing close encounter with famous personalities.
Westminster Abbey, a Gothic masterpiece, shows the history of Britain. It hosts royal weddings, coronations, and burials, and its spectacular architecture makes it a tourist-revered cultural site.

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Why visit London?

London invites you to a ride where history embraces its contemporary appeal, making the city quite different from other destinations.

Here is a list of reasons why you should consider planning to visit London.

There is a great variety of activities in London, allowing everyone a chance to live new experiences.
You can indulge in the depth of UK cultural heritage.
London is packed with cuisines that speak the creativity of the city’s top chefs.
Visit London for its unique attractions to get an insight of the intriguing character of the city.
From glamorous theatres in the Shaftesbury Avenue to music fests, there are a million things to do in London, making it a known entertainment hub.

London Tourist Information

Before you venture out into the frenetic city, get a hold of some important London tourist information.

You can explore the city seamlessly via the iconic red buses and the Subway underground. However, bring along a map as a London guide to help you navigate through the city with ease.

Moreover, prior to arriving in London, conduct a hotel room search and scan the range of cuisines to avoid budget problems.


You can buy tickets at the attraction’s ticket office or book them online at london-tickets.com. We advise you to book them online because at the box office many times the queues are very long and the availability is easily exhausted.
You will receive your tickets in the next few minutes, at least 10 minutes before the selected visit time.
You can use the tickets by printing them or displaying them on your smartphone or tablet.
Each attraction and type of ticket has its own access regulations, therefore, please read the regulations for each of them that you can find on the information page of the corresponding ticket.
Currently we only offer discounts on tickets for groups of more than 10 people and children’s tickets.
It is currently not possible to make any cancellations or ticket changes. For further information and assistance please contact us through support@london-tickets.com

Top things to do in London

London Eye

Tower Of London

Buckingham Palace

Tower Bridge

Madame Tussauds

Big Ben